Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going to one blog...

Head on over to This is where I'll be doing all our updates....of our family of five :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's new?

So much has been going on...

The girls are very ready to meet their brother. They went to a big sister class at the hospital and we were amazed at how well they put diapers on their baby dolls. They also practiced burping and holding and talked about ways they can help Mommy with the baby. It was so sweet. They made their brother birthday cards. We had friends over the other day who have a 2 month old, and they sat next to her and wiped her mouth with a bib and put her paci in and just oohed and ahhed over her. It was so sweet. I can't wait to see them act that way towards their brother.

School is going well for them. Teacher still says they spend most of the time together. She said she can tell they are getting ready for their brother because every day they choose the housekeeping center and play with the baby dolls.

They want to help with everything from laundry to dishes! I love this age. I taught four year olds in my life before children....and it is just my favorite. Can NOT believe they will be four in 2 weeks. I still call them my babies, and the other day Nelson said no, it's just one. I said no, I'm talking about the girls. Whatever, they'll always be my babies :). If you ask them they'll tell you that too ;).

Monday, September 14, 2009


We were talking to the girls tonight about school. This year is still new to them so they are still glued to each other. It's important to me that they play with other friends, not sit next to each other all the time, and choose different centers to go to. This will help me to decide to keep them together or if we'll need to seperate down the road.

So, tonight we asked them who they played with, and again they said, "Sister". I told them they need to play with other friends and go to different centers sometimes. Mikayla said, "But, I love my sister so much". Then, Brianna said, "Yea, and we want to play husband and wife in housekeeping center". So cute. How can you not want them to be together?? I told them that's wonderful, and sometimes they can play in housekeeping together, but they also need to play with other kids and sometimes do different things. They just fill my heart with so much joy everyday :).

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Money Tree?

We went this morning to have all 3 car seats checked. We moved the girls to the back row, and put Joshua's car seat in the middle row, and took out a captain's chair so that the girls could easily get to the back, and we could easily get them in and out. Well, the CSI (car seat inspector ;) ), looked at baby's car seat first. They have already become more high tech in the past 4 years. There was a knob to turn to make the seat level that we didn't have on the girls' Graco Snugfit's. Crazy. So, he adjusts baby's and it was all set. The girls' were more tricky, because they've been in them for 3 years now and so the straps had to be checked and everything else. He gets them all set, and they are all buckled in and we are about to leave when he calls the fire marshall over to double check...this is where I freak out (inside, no waterworks with everyone there)

Their convertible car seats are good until they are 40 lbs. The girls both weigh 33 lbs. They gain about 3 lbs. a year I figured we wouldn't have to buy boosters until they were at least 4 1/2. Well, the fire marshall looks and she says, "You need new car seats, and they won't fit in boosters yet" WHAT?!?!? My girls apparantly are too tall for their seats. She told me there is a car seat that is a 5 pt. harness starting at 20 lbs, and turns into a booster when kid reaches 40 lbs. BUT, that's 300 dollars right there for both of them. We have had SO many expenses come up that we weren't expecting. It's freaking me out so much. Then, in 3 weeks we are going to have an astronomical hospital bill. Seriously, where is the money tree I so need to visit?? Ugh...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Open House

We went to the girls' school tonight for their Open House. The teachers put together these little school houses with the kids' picture, and some questions they asked with the kids' answers. One of the questions was: I love Mommy because.... (Brianna said "because she gives us baths", and Mikayla said, "because she hugs and kisses me") LOL.....Well, the REALLY funny one was what they said about Daddy. I love Daddy because....(Mikayla said, "becuase he makes me oatmeal", and Brianna said, "Because he goes to work") LOL ...How funny, Brianna knows how she gets toys and clothes is because Daddy works ;).

Grandparent's Day at school tomorrow. I'm going to send them in red, white and blue...can't believe 9/11 was 8 years ago. So sad.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So so sweet

Mikayla just hugged my belly, and said, "Joshua I want you to marry me". Then, she looked up at me and said, "Can I marry Joshua someday, mama?" I said, "Well, no, he's your brother, and you can't marry your brother. Just like Mommy couldn't marry Uncle Ricky or Uncle Joey. You have to find a boy you love that isn't in your family." Mikayla then said, "I want to find a boy that's just like Daddy".

AWE....SO Sweet.

I told her I thought that was a wonderful idea, and she said, "Mommy, when I find a boy like Daddy, can I have a baby like you?". Oh geez. So, I told her that first she needs a husband and then she can talk about kids ;).

Monday, August 31, 2009

No self esteem issues here...

I have always said that I want my girls to have high self esteem, and know how amazing they are. Well, don't know if we've gone overboard with complimenting them ;).

Awhile ago Mikayla said, "Mommy when Joshua's born he's going to say, Wow, Mikayla you're so beautiful". LOL

Then, when I was sick over the weekend Brianna said, "Mommy whenever you feel sad just think about the day I was born. That will make you feel better."

Then, today, Brianna said, "Mommy we are best friends". I said, "Yes we are :) ". Brianna said, "I'm just so wonderful". LOL.

They fill me with such joy :).